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Privacy Policy
  • & your personal information takes the right to privacy of people who send personal information to us very seriously. Set out below are details of our privacy policies but in brief:-
  • We only collect the minimum of personal data we need to work efficiently
  • We do not pass your information to any 3rd parties unless:
    • Required by law or to assist in the investigation of a crime.
    • You specifically request us to, this includes the creation of webpages using data entered by you for the purposes of advertisment.
How do we define 'personal information' ?
  • We define personal information as being that which identifies the person uniquely. This would include (but is not limited to):-
    • Your name
    • Your postal address
    • Your telephone number
    • Your email address
How do we collect information ?
  • collects information in several ways, these include:- Receipt / exchange of emails with clients and prospective clients and users of our website. The completion of on-line forms (such as the registration form or 'list an ad' form). The use of cookies.
  • Notes about Cookies. Our website uses cookies in the following way. Some parts of our site may require the web-site visitor to 'log-in', using a username and password, to view restricted content accessable only to b&b, guest house and hotel owners. In this case areas will use a cookie as a part of the system to keep the user logged in and authorised to make changes to certain data until the user logs out of the site.
How do we use the information
  • Where required by law - For example, keeping invoices etc for financial records.
  • For the purposes of contacting / replying to clients and prospective clients.
  • Emails to individual hotels, b&b's etc entered by website visitors through the contact webform are not stored by us and are simply sent by the server smtp to the email address entered.
  • For administration purposes. For Example we keep copies of enquiries, contracts etc. These are identified with the clients name, date etc.
  • For security purposes. For Example the website database may store the i.p. address used when altering data via webforms, username/password/advert data. Server log files may record I.P. address against page accessed with a timestamp. This I.P. address could be used by law enforcement officers in conjunction with data from Internet Service Providers.
  • For publishing purposes. Data entered by you while logged in to the site using your username and password via My Account e.g. via the 'list an ad' webforms, are stored in a database for the purpose of displaying your advertisement page. By entering this data you are agreeing for this data to be used by us for the purposes of creating a webpage of these details to be displayed on the internet for use by visitors to the website.
How long do we keep information ?
  • The short answer is only as long as is necessary. Some information needs to be kept for longer periods (clients contact details on invoices etc) but we regularly delete/destroy information that is no longer of relevance.
Do we exchange information with others ?
  • does not exchange/pass data on to third parties unless required to do so by law or asked specifically to do so by the client.
Third party websites. Reservations and bookings.
  • links to a number of thirdparty websites in order for users to make hotel reservations, cottage bookings etc. We do not hold any data regarding any reservations or bookings you make on these third party websites.

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